Hackney Carriage Table of Fares review

Closed 10 Feb 2017

Opened 25 Jan 2017


The Table of Fares for Hackney Carriages will be reviewed at a meeting of the Licensing Committee in the next few weeks.

If you have any comments to make regarding any element of the rate of fares set within the Borough please forward these by Friday 10 February 2017. Responses can be sent to the address below or by email to licensing@allerdale.gov.uk.

Despite the fares being reviewed every year, the last change was in 2010. This is your opportunity to put forward any proposals. These should be supported with full reasoning and figures if possible. We strongly encourage you contribute to the consultation as the Licensing Committee welcome your input into this review. Please bear in mind that only responses received by this Licensing Authority are taken into consideration.


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