Proposal to dedesignate Allonby South Bathing Water

Closed 22 Sep 2017

Opened 10 Aug 2017



Water quality of our bathing waters and beaches is better now than it has been for decades.

Bathing waters are beaches, lakes or ponds that are popular with bathers and have been designated under the Bathing Water Directive.  The Bathing Water Directive mandates that bathing waters are monitored for levels of intestinal enterococci and E. coli during the bathing water season.  This season runs from 15 May to 30 September.

If a bathing water is de-designated sampling for compliance with Bathing Water Directive standards would cease and there would be no further investment specifically directed at meeting these standards. There would also no longer be a legal requirement for public information about water quality to be provided.  However, the Urban Wastewater Treatment Directive and general environmental quality standards under the Water Framework Directive and Marine Strategy Framework Directive will continue to apply and de-designation as a bathing water would have no impact on other wildlife or nature organisations.

Why We Are Consulting

Allonby South is being considered for removal from the list of designated bathing waters for the following reasons:

  1. Low Usage

An historic survey during the bathing water season was carried out by the Environment Agency of beach users.  Thirty visits were made during the bathing water season and the number of beach users recorded.  The survey indicated that there was very low usage in this area.

Allerdale are currently undertaking a usage survey and the results will be reported to DEFRA at the end of the bathing water season.

  1. Facilities

Allonby South is in a rural area with no facilities to support bathing. Unfortunately the car park and the public toilets were damaged during the floods of 2009. There is no future plans to re-instate these facilities at present.

In the event of de-designation Allonby South would have the same status as any other beach that is not designated as a bathing water: it would not be closed and bathing would not be banned.

We would welcome any comments on the proposal.

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