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  • Core Strategy Development Plan - Preferred Options

    The Core Strategy provides the overall framework for further Development Plan Documents. It is one of a number of documents that will inform the planning process in Eden over the period to 2021. Future documents will cover Housing and Primary Development Control Policies. All documents reflect the... More
    Closed 12 January 2007
  • Refreshing Eden's Community Strategy

    Eden Local Strategic Partnership has refreshed the Community Strategy for Eden by developing a 3 year Action Plan for its implementation. In January 2007, action planning workshops led to a draft Action Plan which was subject to a public consultation. This included: - The action plan being sent... More
    Closed 23 April 2007
  • Waste Collection and Recycling Focus Group 2007

    Consultation to i nvestigate public attitudes towards various possible changes to the methods for collecting and disposing of household waste for recycling and landfill. More
    Closed 25 April 2007
  • Draft - Green Spaces Strategy

    The Council's draft Green Spaces Strategy considers the green space which the Council either owns or maintains and seeks ways to enhance or maintain them for public use. These include play areas cemeteries, allotments, amenity open space and public parks. More
    Closed 27 April 2007
  • Public Vote: Eden's Response to Unitary Consultation

    Local government Minister, Phil Woolas announced on 27 March that Cumbria County Council's proposal was one of 16 to go forward for consultation with stakeholders, a process which ends on 22 June 2007, with final announcements being made on any new unitary authorities in July. The Government... More
    Closed 31 May 2007
  • Forum Twenty Eight Focus Group 2007

    Focus group consultation explore perceptions and attitudes to the Forum Twenty Eight venue among people who described themselves as 'non-users' of the venue. Responses relating to the current programme, café and refurbishment were also gathered, together with perceived barriers to attendance. More
    Closed 17 July 2007
  • North East Spatial Strategy: Proposed Changes

    The Government Office for the North East (GONE) has requested that Eden District Council place on deposit the changes proposed by the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government to the North East Regional Spatial Strategy. Copies of the documents will be available for inspection at... More
    Closed 6 August 2007
  • Housing DPD Issues and Options

    The Issues and Options paper asks a series of questions about potential policies. It considers issues that are important in Eden, such as meeting the high levels of need for affordable housing that exist in the District, and suggested options for addressing the issues. An initial set of sites... More
    Closed 12 October 2007
  • End to Street Drinking associated with AntiSocial behaviour

    Eden District Council is entering a consultation phase for a proposed Designated Public Place Order for the towns of Alston, Appleby, Kirkby Stephen and Penrith. This consultation is supported by the Carlisle and Eden Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership (CDRP). Local Authorities have the... More
    Closed 1 December 2007
  • Living Well Beyond Retirement Scrutiny

    The services for the elderly review group is carrying out investigations to assess the quality of life of older people (60 plus) and consider improvements based on feedback. Quality of Life is about being able to enjoy life and having the services and facilities which will help people to do this. More
    Closed 12 December 2007
  • Closer to Home - North Cumbria

    Cumbria Primary Care Trust (PCT) has been developing a strategy to provide more health services closer to people’s homes. We have worked together with our key health and social care partners in preparing these proposals for how to do this across the north of Cumbria – North Cumbria Acute... More
    Closed 1 February 2008
  • Conversation about Conservation set for Great Salkeld

    Eden Local Plan identified Great Salkeld as being one of a number of settlements to be assessed as a possible conservation area. As a first step the Council has prepared a character appraisal that sets out the village's historical and architectural significance and outlines what makes it a special... More
    Closed 25 February 2008
  • Eden's Crime and Disorder Strategic Assessment 2008 to 2009

    Eden District Council joined with Carlisle City Council in 2001 to create a linked crime and disorder reduction partnership (CDRP) covering the Cumbria Constabulary Basic Command Unit in the north of the county. In the last five years, the Carlisle and Eden CDRP has successfuly pooled and shared... More
    Closed 28 February 2008
  • Proposed Dog Control Order Consultation

    Under Section 55 of The Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005 the Council has introduced a Dog Control Order. This will replace the previous system of byelaws for the control of dogs and also the Dogs (Fouling of Land) Order. The Dog Control Order covers three offences: 1. Failing to... More
    Closed 7 March 2008
  • Barrow Town Centre Focus Group 2008

    A focus group event to explore perceptions of the physical environment in Barrow Town Centre and gather views on how accessible participants found the Town Centre. Perceptions of the retail offer in the Town Centre were also discussed as well as the direction participants would like to see taken... More
    Closed 25 March 2008
  • Parishing Penrith

    Residents of Penrith will be polled on whether there should be a Town Council in Penrith. The poll will be held by post from 7-28 April 2008. All residents of Penrith who are on the Electoral Register as of 1 April 2008 will receive a voting slip and be asked to answer a straight yes or no to the... More
    Closed 28 April 2008
  • Westmorland Shopping Centre Public Consultation on Crime & Anti Social Behaviour Issues

    Cumbria Police Authority go out into the Community to find out the views of local people within the Westmorland area of Cumbria, the community engagement focussed on the crime and anti social behaviour issues that impact upon people in their area. More
    Closed 5 June 2008
  • Housing DPD in response to Issues and Options Consultation 2007

    A six week public consultation is taking place between Monday 19 May and Friday 27 June to consider the alternative sites that were proposed for the Housing DPD in response to the Issues and Options consultation last year. More
    Closed 27 June 2008
  • Homelessness Strategy

    A local housing authority’s duties, with regard to homelessness, are laid down in part 7 of the Housing Act 1996, as amended by the Homelessness Act 2002. The 2002 Act extended the priority need categories in order to strengthen the safety net for vulnerable people, including homeless 16 and 17... More
    Closed 4 July 2008
  • Plans to Close Public Telephone boxes in Eden

    Eden residents are being urged to Have Their Say in response to British Telecom's (BT) proposal to close 44 public phone boxes in the the District. The council is co-ordinating the public consultation on the proposals and will forward the District's representations to BT. Residents and interested... More
    Closed 18 July 2008
  • Eden District Council (Off-Street Parking Places Order - Draft

    NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT on 27 August 2008 Eden District Council, in exercise of its powers under sections 32, 35 and 38 of the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, and Schedule 9 to that Act, has made an Order for the regulation of the off-street parking places provided by the Council. The title... More
    Closed 4 August 2008
  • Housing Aspirations Focus Group 2008

    Focus group event to obtain the views and perceptions of a cross-section of residents of the Borough on housing issues, particularly in relation to the housing market, so that those perceptions could be compared to those obtained through a similar event in 2006. The focus group investigated... More
    Closed 28 August 2008
  • Corporate Plan

    We have listened to what the public have had to say and what is most important to them. This has helped us to develop four corporate priorities to meet the needs of the people of Eden. The four Corporate Priorities are: Affordable Housing: Ensuring people have access to housing throughout the... More
    Closed 28 August 2008
  • Mental Health Services in Cumbria

    A consultation on further improvements to mental health services for adults. Mental health services in Cumbria have changed significantly for the better over the past few years. We have seen great improvements in the way people are treated for more severe mental health problems, with increased... More
    Closed 30 September 2008
  • Place Survey 2008

    In 2008 Local Authorities were required by Central Government to conduct a survey of local people about their views on their area. The Place Survey was intended to contribute to the new national indicator set for Local Government, which in turn formed part of a new performance framework. More
    Closed 15 December 2008
  • 2008 Place Survey

    The 2008 Place Survey is a postal self-completion survey sent to a random sample of 3000 households across Cumbria. The survey is conducted every 2 years. Every local authority in England must carry out the survey. More
    Closed 17 December 2008
  • Place Survey 2008/2009

    The government believes local people should have increasingly more say in the decisions about their local area and the things that affect their daily lives. The Place Survey is a statutory survey which must be conducted every two years by local councils throughout the country. In Cumbria the... More
    Closed 31 December 2008
  • Budget Consultation 2009

    On 7 October 2008, the Council's Executive considered the Council's Resources Plan which sets out the background against which the 2009-2010 budget will be prepared. Draft revenue and capital budget proposals were agreed by the Executive on 9 December 2008. The draft proposals were based on the... More
    Closed 22 January 2009
  • Sport and Active Recreation Strategy 2009-2014

    This consultation will gather opinions on the Sport and Active Recreation Strategy 2009-2014. It is proposed that the following methods be used to consult on the Strategy: 1) 187 members of the Citizen's Panel to be re-engaged in continuing dialogue 2) Sports Clubs held on sports database to be... More
    Closed 7 February 2009
  • Community Action Plan Protocol for Eden

    The consultation is taking place to help develop a Community Action Plan Protocol for Eden. More
    Closed 18 February 2009
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