2008 Place Survey

Closed 17 Dec 2008

Opened 1 Sep 2008

Results updated 1 Feb 2017

Below are links to the written summary report and full data cross-tabulation report.



The 2008 Place Survey is a postal self-completion survey sent to a random sample of 3000 households across Cumbria. The survey is conducted every 2 years. Every local authority in England must carry out the survey.

Why your views matter

The Place Survey gathers public feedback on a wide range of services provided by councils and other public agencies. It also explores public perceptions of things like value for money and influence. In particular it asks a set of questions related to a number of National Indicators - the measures by which national government measures council performance.

Central government requires all councils in England to conduct the survey using a prescribed methodology.

The results from the Place Survey feed into the council's ongoing performance monitoring, helping the council understand whether it's actions are meeting the public's needs.

As such this survey is not related to any specific decision the council intends to make but is part of ongoing intelligence gathering which feeds into the council's decision making generally.


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