Conversation about Conservation set for Great Salkeld

Closed 25 Feb 2008

Opened 3 Dec 2007

Feedback updated 24 Oct 2011

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Eden Local Plan identified Great Salkeld as being one of a number of settlements to be assessed as a possible conservation area. As a first step the Council has prepared a character appraisal that sets out the village's historical and architectural significance and outlines what makes it a special place. It also includes a plan of the draft conservation area boundary. This document is available to view at the Council offices (Town Hall and Mansion House) and Penrith library. In addition, the Council will hold a joint public meeting with Great Salkeld Parish Council on Thursday 15 November at 7.30pm in Great Salkeld village hall to discuss what designating a conservation area actually means in practice. Everyone is welcome to attend.

Why your views matter

To assess Great Salkeld as a possible conservation area.

What happens next

The Council's Environment Committee will consider the possible designation of Great Salkeld as a conservation area at its meeting on 20 March 2008 taking into account the results of the public consultation. If it decides to designate a conservation area we will notify all those who submitted comments on the proposal as well as undertaking the necessary formal and statutory notifications.



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