Corney Plan, Penrith - Public Realm Improvements

Closed 9 Dec 2022

Opened 7 Nov 2022


People are being invited to give their views and thoughts on the proposed Corney Place public realm improvements in Penrith.

Cumbria County Council commissioned a transport improvements plan for Penrith to support Eden District Council’s Local Plan which looks at future development.

The transport plan identifies a range of improvements to the highway network that are required to support growth ambitions. These improvements are being delivered by Cumbria County Council in phases as and when development timescales are understood.

The most recent improvement proposed is located at Corney Place and has been identified due to the increase in development to the north of the town centre and the anticipated increase in pedestrians walking in the area.

The scheme proposes to increase the pedestrian space, reducing the number of pedestrian crossings and providing an opportunity to enhance the public realm as a gateway into the town centre. As a result of this pedestrian improvement will mean that Corney Place will be one-way southbound.

Below are links to the latest detailed design for Corney place along with a visualisation which has been made up to show what the new public realm area may look like after completion.


  • Penrith Carleton Ward
  • Penrith East ED
  • Penrith East Ward
  • Penrith North ED
  • Penrith North Ward
  • Penrith Pategill Ward
  • Penrith Rural ED
  • Penrith South Ward
  • Penrith West ED
  • Penrith West Ward


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