Parishing Penrith

Closed 28 Apr 2008

Opened 7 Apr 2008

Feedback updated 26 Jan 2011

We asked

Opinions were sought regarding the Parishing of Penrith.

You said

Most, 53% of 5,771 valid votes cast rejected the case for a Town Council and 47% supported the proposal.

We did

The Council have accepted the outcome of the Poll and will not seek to pursue the establishment of a Town Council.

Results updated 1 Feb 2017

The Electoral Reform Society on 29 April 2008 released the result of the Poll regarding the Parishing of Penrith. The Poll, which cost £15,000, resulted in 53% of those who voted rejecting the case for a Town Council with 47% supporting the proposal. A total of 5,771 votes were cast as valid, indicating that 47% of the electorate of Penrith participated. The result will be reported to the Council later this week when the Full Council meets and Members will then review a more detailed report at the Annual General Meeting in May.



Residents of Penrith will be polled on whether there should be a Town Council in Penrith. The poll will be held by post from 7-28 April 2008. All residents of Penrith who are on the Electoral Register as of 1 April 2008 will receive a voting slip and be asked to answer a straight yes or no to the question. Eden District Council will consider the responses and decide if the Town Council should be created. Eden is working with Cumbria County Council to host two Neighbourhood Forum meetings on the topic of 'parishing' Penrith. Local people can come along and hear arguments 'for' and 'against' the development of a Town Council for Penrith. The Neighbourhood Forum Meetings are taking place in Penrith at the following venues: * Penrith Rugby Club on Wednesday 26 March at 8pm * St Andrews Parish Rooms on Tuesday 8 April at 7.30pm District and County Councillors will be involved at the meetings, along with representatives from the Cumbria Association of Local Councils (CALC). Conservative District Councillor for Penrith's North Ward Gordon Nicolson, who led an Eden District Council Scrutiny Review into Parishing Penrith, will set out the background to Parishing Penrith at the Neighbourhood Forum Meetings. The Scrutiny Review about 'Parishing Penrith' provides information on what a Town Council could potentially cost, provide and an analysis of the arguments 'for' and 'against' a Town Council for Penrith. Read the Scrutiny Committee Report about Parishing Penrith.

Why your views matter

To assess public response to parishing Penrith.



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