Activities and facilities for young people in St Bees

Closed 19 Feb 2022

Opened 26 Jan 2022


St Bees Parish Council would like to hear ideas from young people about the facilities and activities you would like to see in St Bees.

We value your responses, as we will use your ideas to help understand how we could best improve provision of leisure opportunities for young people in St Bees.

Although St Bees Parish Council may not be able to provide all of the facilities and activities listed in the survey or further suggestions given by you, this survey is the first step to improving what is currently available for young people in St Bees. Where possible, St Bees Parish Council would like to involve you in future projects that are focused on providing facilities and activities for young people.

Thank you for completing this survey.

What happens next

The results of this questionnaire will be analysed and published via St Bees Parish Council's Facebook page, St Bees News magazine and the Parish Council noticeboards in St Bees. We anticipate that the results will be available in March 2022.


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  • Children and Young People