Annual User Experience Survery 2009-10 - Community Equipment and Adaptations

Closed 30 Jun 2010

Opened 30 Sep 2009

Results Updated 1 Feb 2017

Results were returned to the Department of Health and summaries sent to participants and officers.



This is a national survey commissioned from the Information Centre for Health (IC) by the Department of Health (DoH).  The guidance and methodology are set nationally and must be adhered to in order to allow the results to be combined to give a national picture.  The survey is a postal questionnaire which asks for feedback from those who have received equipment in the period from 1st Sept to 31st Dec 2009.  The survey is mandatory.

Why We Are Consulting

The main aims of the survey are to:

• Collect the views of user
• Use these views to inform improvements in the services we provide
• Demonstrate a performance culture where structured research evidence informs practice
• Improve the results of Directorate and Corporate Assessments
• Highlight areas of good practice and publicise these
• Benchmark our performance against other authorities

What Happens Next

This is a postal survey to users of Adult Social Care within Cumbria and is not a public consultation.


  • All Areas


  • Service users


  • Adults social care