Busher Walk Service Road, Kendal - proposed traffic safety measures

Closed 9 Apr 2020

Opened 23 Mar 2020


Cumbria Highways has prepared statutory consultation for a proposed One-way traffic flow and the No Waiting At Any Time restriction (double yellow lines) for Busher Walk Service Road, Kendal. The consultation and advertising period is from Thursday 19th March 2020 up to and including Thursday 9th April 2020.

Why your views matter

We are seeking your views on the proposal and to allow you to comment in support or to object before a decision on the final scheme, and whether to implement the restrictions, is made. The scheme comprises of a One-Way traffic flow for the length of Busher Walk Service Road and the installation of double yellow lines. The attached plan illustrates the proposals which are as follows:

  1. Introduce a One-Way traffic restriction along the Busher Walk Service Road, Kendal, from the southern junction with Busher Walk, around the Police Station in a generally northerly then westerly (anti-clockwise) direction, for its entirety; and
  2. Introduce “No Waiting At Any Time”, i.e. double yellow line restrictions along both sides of Busher Walk Service Road, Kendal, from the southern junction with Busher Walk, around the Police Station.

All previous responses to initial consultation meetings have been used to inform this proposal for formal consultation. This statutory consultation gives you the opportunity to make your comments for consideration in the final decision. The consultation and objection period is 21 days and the deadline for replies is Thursday 9th April 2020.

Please find enclosed the following documents:

  • Statutory notice
  • Plan of the proposal

Reason for restriction

Currently it is seen that vehicles, mainly operational police vehicles, park on the road. This road is used for access for Cumbria Fire and Rescue Service car parking, Cumbria County Council parking and Police parking. It is felt to be a health and safety risk, if vehicles responding to a call out might run out into an oncoming vehicle.

Also due to the width of the road, the vehicles parking in the area surrounding the police station hinder traffic movement in this area. Therefore, to avoid danger to persons or other traffic using the road or any other road or for preventing the likelihood of any such danger arising it is proposed to implement a One-Way traffic flow from its junction with Busher Walk (west-east leg), up to its junction with Busher Walk (north-south leg). Aiming to make traffic flow easier and safer.

In addition it is proposed to install double yellow lines indicating “No Waiting At Any Time”, on sections shown on the plan of Busher Walk Service Road. The aim is to help with service vehicular movements improving visibility and providing passing places for vehicles on that section of Busher Walk Service Road.

What happens next

When will the proposal be finalised and implemented on the ground?

Following advertising and consultation on the proposal, a report will be prepared to go before the County Council Local Committee for South Lakeland.  It is hoped that it will be reported to the Local Committee meeting in May 2020. The Committee will make the final decision as to what will be implemented. We will endeavour to inform you of the Committee decision in due course. If the Committee agree to implement the proposal, the making of the traffic order and the placing of signs and markings should take place within a 3 to 4 month period after the decision.

How to respond?

Please respond by email or letter, which must include full name and address. This will enable us to check responses and help to analyse responses. They can be posted back to the address on the top of this page, or handed to Cumbria Highways at County Hall Reception, Kendal, or emailed to trafficteam.south@cumbria.gov.uk

The last date for feedback to be received is Thursday 9th April 2020. Please note that names and addresses will be kept confidential and no specific references will be made to particular respondents in any subsequent reporting.


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