Carlisle Cycling and Walking Consultation

Closed 28 May 2021

Opened 7 May 2021


We are holding a consultation on proposals to improve the cycling and walking network in Carlisle, in order to promotemore active travel and tomake everyone feel confident they canwalk or cycle.

Details of the proposed routes are included in this consultation document.
Wewant you to provide feedback on these proposals sowe can develop the best possible Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan for Carlisle.

Please take the time to get involved, read this consultation document and provide your feedback.

Why your views matter

Wewant your feedback on the proposals for cycling and walking in Carlisle. Please let us know:

• Does the cycling network connect the places you want to go to?
• Where would you like to see improvements to walking routes?
• What would encourage you to cycle and walk more?

What happens next

Feedback from the consultation will be shared on Cumbria County Council's
Cycling and Walking web pages and used to inform the networks we take forward as part of developing the Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan for Carlisle.


  • All Areas


  • Anyone from any background


  • Local Plans