Cumbria County Council Budget Consultation 2015/16

Closed 20 Jan 2015

Opened 23 Oct 2014


The scale of the challenge we face in Cumbria and what we must do to secure your future

Between 2011 and 2014 we have had to identify savings of £130 million.

By 2018 we will need to make a further £83 million of savings

By 2018 our overall spend will have been cut by £213 million or roughly a quarter.

At one point the council employed over 10,000 people (excluding schools). Today we employ 7,000 people and by 2018 this will drop to 5,200.

That means that in three years, 1,800 people who are employed with us today will have left the council.

By 2018, we will have virtually halved the size of the County Council.

We have had no choice. Government grants, which make up the majority of our income, have been cut.

No council is immune.
But the scale of cuts we face here in Cumbria is unprecedented.

The simple fact is that as government makes cuts in our funding so we must make savings.

We would not have chosen to make any cuts on this scale. Cumbria is a diverse county. We have few big industries. We have challenges in delivering services in a large rural county. It is a place of many contrasts – some parts of the county are wealthy whilst others are experiencing poverty. There are similar differences in life expectancy.

But since a large proportion of the money that we use to run our services is provided directly by the government and since that is being cut, we have been forced, in turn, to make savings.


Why We Are Consulting

In this consultation we have set out a number of proposals that will deliver the savings we need to make for 2015/16; many of those will deliver further savings in future years. We are consulting you on what you think of these proposals. We are also asking you about finding new ways of working and your views on creating a ‘unitary’ council, or 'unitary' councils.

The budget will go before councillors at Cabinet on the 5 February, 2015 and then before Full Council on 19 February, 2015 for approval.

You can use the link below to find out more about our proposals and tell us what you think


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