Cumbria Design Guide - Consultation

Closed 4 Sep 2017

Opened 24 Jul 2017

Results Updated 1 Mar 2018

Following on from the consultation that took place from 24 July to the 4 September further amendments were made before the final document was approved by the County Council’s Cabinet on the 23 November 2017.

All of the relevant Cabinet papers which includes the County Council’s response to comments raised as part of the consultation process can be found by following the link below.

The final version of the Cumbria Development Design Guide and the can also be found by following the link below.



The updated version of the Cumbria Design Guide will replace the current version which has been in place since 1997 and is used to guide the County Council’s responses to planning applications in its role as Local Highway Authority. 

Key changes in the Design Guide are:-

  • Ensuring that the Design Guide is consistent with national policy
  • Introduction of a Commercial section
  • Introduction of a Sustainable Drainage Chapter  
  • Introduction of technical appendices

Key elements of the Design Guide are:-

  • Part 1 - New Residential Development
  • Part 2 - Commercial Development
  • Detailed technical appendices

It is intended that the final version will be put to Cabinet for approval in October 2017. 

Why We Are Consulting

The County Council is keen to ensure that the updated Design Guide has been through a robust consultation exercise where all stakeholders have an opportunituy to respond.

The results of the consultation and subsequent changes will be reported when the document is put to Cabinet for approval in October.

Please provide any feedback to:-  

Graeme Innes -

Pieter Barnard -

Helen Renyard -


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