Cumbria House - CCTV consultation

Closed 1 May 2017

Opened 7 Apr 2017


To provide arrangements for the prevention and detection of crime and disorder at Cumbria House, Carlisle, it is proposed that the building site will benefit from CCTV in a number of locations both externally and within the building. It is proposed that cameras will record 24 hours \7 days a week at the site covering key access points to and around the site and building and the immediate vicinity including the pedestrianised section at the front of the building that is deemed a safe place to protest.

The intention of the proposed CCTV at the site is to monitor the building and help deter crime and in the case of an incident, help with the detection and prosecution relating to crime. The Council does not intend to use the proposed CCTV for any other purpose.

With that in mind, the Council intends to ensure that the CCTV does not film areas which do not impact on the security of the building, including neighbouring residences, other building interiors and accesses, the main highway of Botchergate and beyond.

In considering the options for CCTV the Council takes full account of the Surveillance Camera Code of Practice issued by the Home Office which aims to ensure that all CCTV cameras are:

  1. Necessary
  2. Suitably located
  3. Do not negatively impact on local people's privacy
  4. Operated appropriately.

We are inviting views from the public and staff on the use of CCTV at the site. Should you wish to provide your views please do so before 1st May 2017.  After this date the Council will determine its approach to CCTV on the site.

Should CCTV be used following the consultation it is intended that the policy will be reviewed periodically and will continue to take account of any subsequent concerns raised at the relevant review date.

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