Notional SEN Consultation

Closed 1 Jul 2021

Opened 10 Jun 2021


Notional SEN consultation between Cumbria Schools Forum and Maintained Schools & Academies within Cumbria

Schools are invited to respond to the questions in this consultation using the online survey at:

the link below by Thursday 1 July 2021.   Returns submitted after this date will not be included.

We encourage every school to respond. We kindly ask that there is only one response per school.

Why your views matter

  1. Notional SEN is the amount of funding that mainstream schools and academies are required to fund towards the cost of supporting children in their school with SEND.  Where individual pupils require additional support in excess of the Notional SEN threshold the local authority is responsible for topping up the funding associated with the individual pupil.  The top-up element is funded from the High Needs Block of the Dedicated Schools Grant.


  1. Since 2017 mainstream schools and academies in Cumbria have been required to fund the first £7,150 of support for children with SEND from their own delegated budgets as part of a strategy to manage down and control the deficit on the High Needs Block agreed by Cabinet following recommendations from the Schools Forum.


  1. Schools Forum have agreed to reinstate the notional SEN amount back to the original £6,000 threshold as soon as possible. However, as this will have a financial impact on the High Needs Block they have also considered options to mitigate this whilst at the same time helping schools manage possible changes to their budget shares.   


  1. The Schools Forum have agreed to consult all maintained schools and academies on the removal of the Targeted SEN Fund with effect from 1 September 2021 and this consultation seeks views on the length of time and level of transitional protection that should apply.

What happens next

This consultation is now closed - thank you for your views.


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