Have your say on council priorities and budget options

Closed 31 Jan 2011

Opened 22 Nov 2010

Feedback updated 4 Feb 2011

We asked

What do you think of our budget proposals?

You said

Litte support for on-street parking charges, cuts to Countryside Access too harsh, Recycling Credits payments are important to local charities.

We did

Dropped proposals for on-street parking charges, reduced cuts to Countryside Access, kept Recycling Credits payments.

Results updated 1 Feb 2017

The council's Cabinet has now considered the feedback from the consultation and agreed a draft budget to recommend to Full Council. Thank you to everyone who responded.

As a result of the consultation Cabinet chose to:

  • Drop proposals for on-street parking charges
  • Significantly reduce the cuts to Countryside Access
  • Drop the proposal to stop paying Recycling Credits

Cabinet also took on board the message about the importance of preventative services and is trying hard to protect these where possible.

Full Council will vote on the draft budget on 17 February. 




This is the second phase of the county council's public consultation on its council plan and budget options for 2011/12.

Why your views matter

The council is seeking public feedback on the priorities it has identified for the coming year and the proposals for changes to services and functions it is considering in order to save £50m over the next 4 years.


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