Kirkbarrow 20mph Zone with Traffic Calming

Closed 7 Oct 2011

Opened 15 Sep 2011

Feedback updated 3 Jan 2012

We asked

Cumbria Highways consulted on proposals for a 20mph speed limit with accompanying traffic calming road humps on the Kirkbarrow Estate.

You said

Support was receievd from Kendal Civic Society for the 20mph without traffic calming. Cumbria Police, Ghyllside Primary School supported the psoporsals as did Kirkbarrow Residents Association, which included a petition from Well Ings residents in support, but with an additional road hump. 8 residents responded, one in support and 7 in objection.

We did

All comments and objections were reported to South Lakeland Local Committee at its meeting on 18 November 2011. It was recommended that the Kirkbarrow 20mph zone with traffic calming be approved for implementation with one additional road hump on Well Ings. The decision was that the proposals were approved.

Results updated 1 Feb 2017

The Kikrbarrow 20mph speed limit and traffic calming scheme was reported to South Lakeland Local Committee at its meeting on 18 November 2011.  The scheme proposal was approved as advertsied.  The scheme is planned to go ahead in early 2012 as part of re-surfacing works in the Kirkbarrow area.


Kirkbarow Residents Association have been working with Cumbria Highways in designing a 20mph speed limit zone with road hump traffic calming.

Why your views matter

The consultation is regarding the traffic regualtion order for the 20mph speed limit zone and the proposed road numps.  Comments and objections to the scheme are invited to determine whether the proposal should be progressed and implemented.  All feedback including objections will be reported to Local Committee at its meeting on 18 November 2011.

What happens next

All comments and objections will be reported to South Lakeland Local Committee on 18 November 2011.  After all the feedback from Residents,  Businesses, Ghyllside School, the Police and all other interested parties has been considered a decision on whether to implement the proposals will be made. 


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