Closed 18 Apr 2019

Opened 28 Mar 2019


Cumbria County Council hereby gives notice that it intends to:-

1. Place a Cattlegrid on the Elterwater to Colwith Road forming part of the highway known as the C5004 and belonging to the Highway Authority; and

2. Place a By-pass on the Elterwater to Colwith Road not forming part of the highway known as the C5004 and not belonging to the Highway Authority.

A plan indicating the location of the proposed Cattlegrid and Bypass and other descriptive material relating to their proposed installation, may be inspected, free of charge at all reasonable hours, at Ambleside Local Link, Children`s Centre and Community Development Centre (Ambleside Library), Kelsick Road, Ambleside, LA22 0BZ.

If you wish to make any representations regarding the above proposals you should write to the undersigned, marking your correspondence with reference KB/15.000461 by 18 April 2019

(Note: Extended objection period)

Chief Legal Officer, Cumbria House, 117 Botchergate, Carlisle, CA1 1RD.

Why We Are Consulting

Cumbria Highways has prepared a proposal for the installation of a cattle grid on the C5004 Elterwater to Colwith Road to prevent sheep from straying onto the A593 and endangering both highway users and the farmer when recovering these sheep.


Reason for restriction

It has been brought to the attention of Officers and the Local Member for the Lakes Division of Cumbria by the National Trust that sheep are migrating from the Langdale fells along the C5004 in a southerly direction, through Elterwater and continuing onto the A593 causing a nuisance within the village and danger to highway users on both the C5004 and A593. In attempting to recover the sheep from the A593 the farmer is also putting himself and others in danger. The introduction of a cattle grid on the C5004 Elterwater to Colwith Road is required to prevent sheep from making their way along this route and posing a danger to highway users not only along this route but also on the A593. The cattle grid will also reduce the potential danger to the farmer who currently has to recover sheep from the A593.

Therefore Cumbria Highways is proposing the location shown on the plan attached as a suitable location south of Elterwater for a cattle grid to be situated on the public highway. Furthermore the National Trust would also provide additional fencing or walling to prevent sheep from circumnavigating the cattle grid and bypass.


When will the proposal be finalised and implemented on the ground?

Following advertising and consultation on the proposal for 28 days, and further work may be required following a review of the feedback and therefore we cannot always provide the timing of the works.


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