Review of county electoral arrangements

Closed 15 Mar 2010

Opened 19 Feb 2010


People in Cumbria are being asked to contribute to the debate on whether the number of county councillors representing them should change and whether there should be more equality in terms of the number of people represented by each councillor.

Cumbria County Council is considering whether or not to invite the Electoral Commission to review electoral arrangements in the county.

There have already been discussions on the issue in Full Council meetings and some local media coverage, with one suggestion aired that the number of county councillors should reduce from the current number of 84 down to around 60.

Before deciding whether it should proceed with the review, Cumbria County Council is keen to hear the views of local residents.

What Happens Next

Following discussion with the council over the past few months the Boundary Commission  they have decided not to look at changing the number of Councillors. It will stay at 84.  However they have indicated a piece of work that they may start to change some divisional boundaries.

No firm plans are in in place to date (30/3/11).


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