School Funding Formula for 2020-21

Closed 20 Nov 2019

Opened 30 Oct 2019


National Funding Formula

A national funding formula was introduced for schools from 2018-19 and as in previous years in 2020-21 local authorities will continue to decide, following consultation with their schools and Schools Forum, whether this formula is applied or a locally determined formula is used.

In September 2019 the DfE announced that local authorities will continue to have flexibility to set a local funding formula in 2020-21.  It is a DfE requirement that all schools are consulted annually on any proposed changes to the schools funding formula.

This is a consultation with all Cumbrian schools, CASL and the Cumbria Schools Forum to seek views on the proposed changes to the schools funding formula in 2020-21.  The consultation also considers some of the continuing challenges around high needs budget.

All schools are encouraged to respond to this consultation using the online survey.  The deadline for responding to the consultation is 20th November 2019.

Schools can find further detailed information on the national funding formula at:

Why We Are Consulting

On 4th September 2019 the Chancellor announced a three year settlement stating that the schools budget would increase by £14bn nationally by 2022-23 compared to 2019-20 levels.  The schools settlement will allow central government to continue to implement the national funding formula and move towards at ‘hard’ formula and, although the government have not yet confirmed when this will happen, they have announced changes to the national formula which indicate that it is moving closer to a hard formula. 

In addition to announcing that local authorities will continue to have flexibility to  set a local funding formula in 2020-21, the DfE also announced the following changes to the national funding formula in 2020-21:

  • The minimum per-pupil funding level will increase from £3,500 to £3,750 for primary schools and from £4,800 to £5,000 for secondary schools and will be mandatory;
  • All factors within the formula will be increased by 4% with the exception of the Free Schools Meals factor which will be increased at inflation;
  • Premises factor will be based on 2019-20 actual Authority Proforma Tool (APT) data;
  • A new formulaic methodology for allocation mobility funding has been built into the national funding formula;
  • The funding floor will be set at 1.84% per pupil although local authorities can continue to set a Minimum Funding Guarantee (MFG) of which must be between +0.5% and +1.84% in their local formula;
  • There will be no gains cap, all schools will attract their full core funding allocations under the formula, however, local authorities can continue to set a gains cap in their local formula.

Read the full document here.



What Happens Next

Schools are invited to respond to the 3 questions in this consultation using the online survey by Wednesday 20th November 2019.   Returns submitted after this date will not be included.

We encourage every school to respond. We kindly ask that there is only one response per school.



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