Silloth Library Consultation

Closed 6 Nov 2017

Opened 9 Oct 2017



Cumbria County Council is committed to libraries. They are about more than books. They are community hubs providing access to a huge range of resources, experiences and learning.

In Silloth the library is based in The Discovery Centre, which is owned by Allerdale Borough Council, from where they run Tourist Information. The building also houses the Discovery Centre Exhibition, which showcases the Solway Coast Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Thus the building forms a service hub for both residents and visitors to the area.

We continuously review the patterns of use of our libraries, so we can see when people are actually using them. This is to make sure we use our resources most efficiently; this is especially important in the current economic climate.

We are proposing some limited changes to the opening hours of Silloth Library that reflect patterns of use, and seeking the public’s views on these proposals. If implemented the changes would not lead to staffing reductions; staff would continue to work the same number of hours.

Full details of the proposed changes are in the consultation document below.

What Happens Next


All feedback will be collated and a report prepared for Allerdale Local Committee’s decision in December. It’s the Local committee’s decision whether or not to implement the proposed changes. If changes are agreed, they would be subject to review after 12 months.


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