Parking Soutergate, Ulverston

Closed 3 Feb 2012

Opened 18 Jan 2012

Feedback updated 30 Mar 2012

We asked

We consulted on a scheme proposal for Soutergate to implement residents only parking on the parking spaces on Soutergate.

You said

Some concerns were raised regarding the number of available spaces. Some concern was raised regarding allowing parking at night with the single yellow lines. Also consideration was requested for additional spaces further north on Soutergate.

We did

Cumbria Highways have collated all the responses and met with James Airey, County Councillor for Ulverston West. Proposals are being finalised for further consultation as part of a traffic egulation order process for formally advertiseing any changes to restrictions.

Results updated 1 Feb 2017

The consultation responses and feedback from the drop-in meeting will inform the final proposals for the scheme.  Cumbria Highways are preparing final proposals for the formal consultation and objection period which is part of the Traffic Regulation Order process.  This additional consultation will form the legal part for the proposal to change the restrictions.


We are looking to consult with members of the community regarding the proposed residents parking bays and restrictions on Soutergate.

Why your views matter

Residents have raised issues regarding parking over a number of years.  James Airey has met with residents to discuss alternative solutions to improve parking on Soutergate for residents.  It is proposed to extend the existing parking bay on Soutergate with additional spaces and make the bay residents only.  It is also proposed to introduce single yellow lines No Waiting 8am - 6pm on part of Soutergate to allow for parking in the evening.

What happens next

All comments will be compiled to infrom the parking proposals going forward.  If parking restrictions are appropriate and to be implemented a formal traffic regulation order will be completed with further consultation for objections.


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