2010/11 Scrutiny Work Programme

Closed 27 Mar 2010

Opened 1 Mar 2010

Feedback Updated 3 Oct 2011

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Results Updated 1 Feb 2017



Once again I am requesting your involvement with our scrutiny work programme. The consultation is slightly different this year in that we have a draft work plan with nine topics for consideration. We would like you to tick the four that you consider the most important.

Why We Are Consulting

Eden District Council's vision is to Best SErve the People of Eden. Scrutiny is an important tool to monitor how well that is happening. The seeking out of the views of the public about council services is an essential component of Scrutiny work. Over the past year valuable contributions were made to our reviews by individuals and groups. We are very grateful for all the comments we have received, they have helped us frame our conclusions and our recommendations for improvement. If you would like a fuller description of this consultation please click on the link below where Councillor Morgan gives a full description: http://www.eden.gov.uk/democracy/scrutiny/get-involved-in-scrutiny/



  • Staff
  • Voluntary and community organisations
  • All residents
  • Scrutiny commissions / panel
  • Community groups / organisations


  • Policy & Performance