2010-2011 Scrutiny Work Plan Consultation

Closed 25 Mar 2011

Opened 21 Feb 2011

Feedback updated 24 Oct 2011

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Results updated 1 Feb 2017



The Council is looking for a new Scrutiny Work programme from May 2011 to April 2012. This is your chance to be involved by ticking four of the seven topics you consider the most important for the Council to scrutinise. If you feel we have missed a topic you can add it to the questionnaire.

Why your views matter

To include the public in Council decision-making.

What happens next

A report will go to the Scrutiny Co-ordinating Board on 7 April 2011, where Members will make recommendations for the new Work Programme. As this is an Election Year, the final programme will not be decided until May 2011.



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