Eden's Crime and Disorder Strategic Assessment 2008 to 2009


Eden District Council joined with Carlisle City Council in 2001 to create a linked crime and disorder reduction partnership (CDRP) covering the Cumbria Constabulary Basic Command Unit in the north of the county. In the last five years, the Carlisle and Eden CDRP has successfuly pooled and shared resources whilst still being able to react to local issues. In 2007, the Home Office made changes to the way CDRP's operated. These changes have been introduced through a reform process and the publication of national guidelines. The national guidelines recommend that each local authority undertake a strategic assessment. Carlisle and Eden Councils have produced one overall strategic assessment and two seperate consultation documents. These documents will be used to write a three year Partnership Plan which will be reviewed on an annual basis.

Why We Are Consulting

Eden District Council values comments and encourages consultation with the community and partner agencies on the priorities given within our strategic assessment. The consultation document is an Eden summary of the main Carlisle and Eden strategic assessment and provides an opportunity for comment on the priority themes identified. These are anti-social behaviour, criminal damage and violent crime. County priorities, prolific and priority offenders and substance misuse.

What Happens Next

The overall strategic assessment and the two separate consultation documents produced by Carlisle and Eden Councils will be used to write a three year Partnership Plan which will be reviewed on an annual basis.


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Key Dates

Status: Closed

Ran from 1 Feb 2008 to 28 Feb 2008
Results expected 31 October 2008
Feedback expected 31 October 2008

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