Eden Local Plan Partial Review: Climate Change and Design

Closed 9 Aug 2021

Opened 25 Jun 2021


Eden District Council is starting a partial review of its Local Plan to consider climate change and design matters. Read more about the Eden Local Plan Partial Review.

The Council is keen to complete the partial review and adopt the new policies, in as short a timescale as possible so as to start making a difference as soon as possible in guiding new development. This will enable the Council to make a positive impact on the sustainable future of Eden District. With that in mind it is necessary to keep the scope of the new policies narrow and the content of the policies focused on key priorities. This means the Partial Review will not cover all planning policy matters relating to climate change and design.

It is anticipated that the Partial Review will entail the introduction of two new policies which will replace parts of the adopted Eden Local Plan. The intention is that the two new policies will be supported by a new Design Supplementary Planning Document (SPD). The Design SPD will be prepared simultaneously with the partial review to indicate how the new policies will be interpreted and applied.  

Overview and Background Information to the Eden Local Plan Partial Review

Please note that as the Local Plan partial review focuses specifically on climate change and design it will not be revisiting the spatial strategy (settlement hierarchy), housing and employment allocations and numbers.

Why your views matter

We are at the early stages of the partial review and would like to hear from residents, businesses and stakeholders what the Eden Local Plan Partial Review relating to climate change and design should cover.

We would like to hear your views on the priority climate change and design issues that should be addressed by the new policies.  Your input is important at this early stage so as to influence the scope of the policies.

What happens next

Following this consultation the Council will summarise and publicise the results of the consultation.  In early 2022 we will publish the draft policies for public consultation (Regulation 19) together with supporting evidence. The amendments to the Eden Local Plan will then be submitted to an independent Inspector for examination later in Spring 2022.


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