Penrith New Squares Online Consultation

Closed 1 Oct 2009

Opened 11 Sep 2009

Feedback Updated 3 Oct 2011

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Results Updated 1 Feb 2017

The youth video which captured young people's views on New Squares between 17-19 September is now available. Other results will be available here in due course.



The Penrith New Squares consultation will seek the views of the public and local businesses on the options open to the Council in dealing with the Penrith New Squares development. The questionnaire will go live on the 12 September. In addition, a leaflet with the same questionnaire will be delivered to every household in Eden.

Why We Are Consulting

The Council is consulting because Elected Members of Eden District Council wish to find out the public's opinion on the three options open to the Council. The feedback they receive will be used when Members consider which option they wish to proceed with.

What Happens Next

New Decision Date - Tuesday 8 December 2009, 6.45pm North Lakes Hotel. The Special Council meeting to be held on 12 November at which the Full Council planned to make a decision on the future direction of the stalled Penrith New Squares scheme was postponed. The reason for the postponement was that the Council needed to take further external advice on issues related to the development which would not be available in time to properly brief the Councillors who would be making this important decision. The new date for the decision meeting will be Tuesday 8 December at 6.45pm. The meeting will be held at North Lakes Hotel, Penrith.



  • Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender
  • Visitors / tourists / non residents
  • Parents
  • Asylum Seekers and refugees
  • Local businesses
  • Neighboring Authorities
  • Faith groups
  • Men
  • Council Tenants
  • Gyspy/Traveller
  • Black and minority ethnic people
  • Carers
  • Women
  • Expert stakeholders
  • Older adults
  • Patients
  • People with disabilities
  • Voluntary and community organisations
  • Trade unions
  • Stakeholder organisations
  • People with learning difficulties
  • Citizens panel
  • Students
  • All residents
  • Service users
  • Staff
  • Children and young people
  • Non users of services
  • Scrutiny commissions / panel
  • E-panel
  • Community groups / organisations
  • Central government
  • Businesses


  • Policy & Performance