Refuse and Recycling Review

Closed 18 Oct 2010

Opened 6 Sep 2010

Feedback Updated 24 Oct 2011

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Results Updated 1 Feb 2017

 In total responses found that:

  • 63% of respondents were against Alternate Weekly Collection
  • 36% of respondents were in favour of Alternate Weekly Collection

  • Overall, there was an excellent response to the public consultation on waste and recycling.

    • 360 Questionnaires were returned via CN Research who compiled a report
    • 72 Questionnaires were returned to Eden District Council directly
    • 91 Questionnaires were completed on-line

    Total received: 523

    As well as responding to the set questions, a large number of people made very helpful comments about various aspects of refuse and recycling, providing the council with very valuable information on what Eden's residents are concerned about and what their priorities are.

    The results were, on the whole, very positive about the current service and less positive about an alternate weekly service, although there was a strong body of opinion in favour of it. Interestingly, the people who filled in 91 on-line questionnaires were much more evenly split on the subject, as you will see in the results below.

    1. CN Group findings based on 360 responses found that:
      1. 66% Against Alternate Weekly Collections
      2. 33% In favour of Alternate Weekly Collections
    2. 73 Questionnaires returned to Eden found that:
      1. 60% were Against AWC
      2. 40% were in favour of AWC
    3. The 91 on-line questionnaires found that:
      1. 51% Against Alternate Weekly Collections
      2. 48% In favour of Alternate Weekly Collections

    In total responses found that:

    • 63% of respondents were against Alternate Weekly Collection
    • 36% of respondents were in favour of Alternate Weekly Collection

    Out of 71 Parish Council Questionnaires sent out, 50 completed forms were returned.

    Results of the Parish Consultation

    • 47 out of 50 respondents thought the current refuse service good or excellent
    • 32 thought the current recycling service good or excellent
    • 8 Parishes would welcome the introduction of wheeled bin, 42 would not.
    • 10 Parishes would welcome the introduction of alternate weekly collections, 40 wouldn't
    • 24 Parishes would like more kerbside recycling
    • 37 out of 50 would be unhappy if future changes in services might mean closure of their local recycling centres


    The next stage in the review

    The Councillors have formulated their key findings and conclusions, and made their written recommendations in a report to Council.

    This report was made public at the end of March 2011.

    In September 2011, the full Council will make a final decision on which system to adopt, informed by the recommendations of the scrutiny group.





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    This consultation has been organised to consult local residents widely about the provision of refuse and recycling services

    Why We Are Consulting

    The aim is to find out which aspects of the current service local residents value most and where the Council could offer improvements to the service.



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