Reporting the Council's Finances - Are you interested?

Closed 31 Mar 2010

Opened 17 Mar 2010

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Like any organisation that receives and spends money, the Council has to produce a set of accounts every year. The accounts cover a twelve month period up to 31 March each year and have to be produced by the following June. The accounts are very important in setting out what the Council’s income was, what it spends its money on and what assets and liabilities it has. Even for a small Council like Eden, the accounts are a long, complicated document and run to over sixty pages. Local electors have a right to inspect the accounts and examine the detailed documents (invoices etc) that they are based on. A full set of the last three years’ accounts and short summary accounts are available on the Council’s web site. You can access the documents by following the links below. Hard copies are supplied on request.

Why We Are Consulting

The purpose of this survey is to assess if there is any demand for the summary accounts to be made more widely available. It would greatly help the Council if you could answer the few questions below:



  • All residents


  • Director of Finance