Barrow in Furness Support for Future Services community engagement project

Closed 31 Aug 2010

Opened 1 Feb 2010


NHS Cumbria is keen to ensure that the future development of the community health and social care system in Barrow-in-Furness is informed by the experience and expectations of people living and working there rather than simply the commissioners and providers of services. To that end, it commissioned The Campaign Company (TCC) to conduct a deliberative engagement process that would involve local people.

 To achieve this, a series of visioning deliberative workshops were conducted with target groups of members of public, harder to reach groups and community stakeholders that aimed to:
• identify what works well at the moment and what helps people to improve, restore or maintain their health and wellbeing
• develop a vision of what an excellent community health and social care system would like like
• focus on aspirations rather than deficits

Key conclusions and insights from the work so far include the following:
• Barrovians are aware that they currently do not have world class health - they need to be inspired and motivated to take the necessary steps to overcome this 
• Everyone knows that unhealthy lifestyles can lead to poor health but the right tools / incentives to tackle this are missing
• There is an understanding that good health is the responsibility of residents and health professionals in partnership.
• People should be provided with the resources and skills to manage their own health
• A seamless health and social care service is of paramount importance to everyone
• Health advice will only be sought from professionals other than doctors and places other than hospitals when there are assurances around expertise and confidentiality
• Having health professionals with excellent interpersonal skills is as important as having qualified and expert health professionals



  • Barrow-in-Furness


  • All residents


  • Health & well-being