Health Service in Cumbria - A Rural Perspective

Closed 26 Mar 2010

Opened 21 Dec 2009

Feedback expected 18 Jun 2010

Results Updated 1 Feb 2017

To facilitate the study ACT used its established networks comprising the Cumbria Rural Forum and community planning groups across Cumbria.

Focus group sessions sampled experiences and opinion and encouraged participants to break their discussions into four principle elements:-

1)  The Joint Strategic Needs Assessment

2)  NHS Cumbria's Strategic Plan

3)  Established Arrangements for Service Delivery

4)  Future Services

In all, the focus groups involved 44 participants.  ACT has drawn together the observations made by the participants, and reviewed the key conclusions in the report, "Health Services in Cumbria - Working for Rural Communities?"



The purpose of this study, carried out on behalf of NHS Cumbria by Action with Communities in Cumbria (ACT), has been to put together a specifically rural perspective on the health related problems and needs of rural communities and to test their views of emerging plans to move some services closer to home.

Why We Are Consulting

NHS Cumbria has developed a Closer to Home strategy, designed to enable us to achieve our vision for health in Cumbria by developing health and healthcare around individuals and their communities. Within this broad framework we have published a Strategic Plan that describes our service priorities for the period 2008 – 2013.

To inform delivery and future review of its strategy, NHS Cumbria has undertaken a programme of engagement and consultation with a range of stakeholders and partners.

ACT has designed this study to help us to better understand any rurally distinctive aspects to these same issues, by engaging with both “expert” informants and representative communities of place.


  • Allerdale
  • Barrow-in-Furness
  • Carlisle
  • Copeland
  • Eden
  • South Lakeland


  • General public
  • Rural residents


  • Health & well-being