Place Survey Satisfaction Focus Groups

Closed 6 Mar 2009

Opened 2 Mar 2009

Results Updated 1 Feb 2017



Three focus groups were consulted to further investigate some findings reported in the 2008 Place Survey, and to explore ways to help people get involved, and feel more involved, in the work that The Council does.


The focus groups also explored the gap between perceptions and reality in terms of crime in Barrow and gather suggestions and ideas about how to tackle both crime and the perception of crime

Why We Are Consulting

Between the Best Value User Satisfaction Survey of 2006 and the 2008 Place Survey, Barrow Borough Council invested in improvements to those services that people identified as being the most important, yet satisfaction both generally, and with specific key services, declined.  The Council commissioned this further research to help understand more about why this might be the case.


  • Barrow-in-Furness


  • Anyone from any background


  • General interest
  • Policy & Performance
  • Performance