Broadband in the Upper Kent Local Area Partnership

Closed 18 Feb 2011

Opened 19 Nov 2010

Feedback updated 24 Aug 2011

We asked

What you thought of broadband provision in the Upper Kent LAP area.

You said

See attached report.

We did

* Presented report to elected members to evidence why investment is required in broadband in the Upper Kent LAP area. * Lobbied Tim Farron to improve broadband in the area. * Joined CCC groups attempting to improve broadband access across the County.

Results updated 1 Feb 2017

The results of the consultation can be found in the report below.



The Parishes North of Kendal are conducting a survey of broadband use as a basis for improving broadband access for residents and businesses in the area.

This consultation is part of the research project which includes mapping the existing service and speed using the ‘SamKnows’ broadband checker database (see below to download a map of results).

Why your views matter

The quality of broadband in the area North of Kendal is variable and many residents and businesses have expressed a concern this is holding back their access to online services for social, business and educational use.  

Improved services could be delivered by lobbying BT to improve the infrastructure, engaging another broadband provider to cover the area or working with broadband users to improve the IT set up in their home.

As a first step in addressing the issue, we are gathering data about:

  • what people currently have
  • what they would like in the future
  • willingness to pay for a better service
The data will be analysed and mapped, allowing us to get a sense for the best way of improving the service.

What happens next

Now we have obtained data from the survey, we will map it against other broadband speed data and identify where the problem areas are.  As we move towards improving the broadband service, we will also identify where people have expressed an interest in getting a better service.   


  • Burneside Ward
  • Staveley-in-Westmorland Ward
  • Whinfell Ward


  • Local businesses


  • Rurality