Evaluating use of Dialogue in Climate Change Conversation

Closed 1 Feb 2021

Opened 18 Jan 2021

Results expected 22 Feb 2021

Feedback expected 29 Mar 2021


This survey has been set up to collect feedback on use of Penrith Town Council’s 'Your Ideas - Dialogue' Platform, which was used to begin a conversation with people in Penrith about how to tackle Climate Change. Our managed online conversation platform offered people in Penrith an opportunity to outline ideas and/or comment on other ideas to help make Penrith Climate Neutral by 2030. Before clicking on the 'Give us your Views' box, please scroll down to the  'Related' section below to find out more about Dialogue and to read our 'Making Penrith Climate Neutral by 2030’ Strategy.

Why your views matter

The hope is to continue conversations about the Town Council's 'Making Penrith Climate Neutral by 2030’ Strategy. Your feedback will be extremely useful in helping us to evaluate use of Dialogue for this purpose. We will listen to what you say and use feedback to help improve the platform wherever possible.

What happens next

The information will inform future use of Dialogue and feedback will be posted in the 'We Asked, You Said, We Did' Section of the Survey


  • Parkside Ward
  • Penrith Carleton Ward
  • Penrith East ED
  • Penrith East Ward
  • Penrith North ED
  • Penrith North Ward
  • Penrith Pategill Ward
  • Penrith Rural ED
  • Penrith South Ward
  • Penrith West ED
  • Penrith West Ward


  • All residents
  • Businesses
  • Community groups / organisations


  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Local Plans