Kirkoswald Parish Community Led Plan Consultation

Closed 15 Mar 2017

Opened 26 Feb 2017

Results expected 1 Apr 2017

Feedback expected 1 Apr 2017


A Community Plan is being developed for the Parish of Kirkoswald - covering the communities of Kirkoswald, Renwick, Busk, High Bank Hill, Parkhead, Scarrowmanwick, Scales, Scale Houses and Staffield. 


Why We Are Consulting

The aim of this consultation is so that all local residents can have a real say in the future of our area

The priorities identified by the community will be set out in an up to date Community Plan which will be used to guide the activities of the Parish Council and Community groups over the coming years.

The more answers we get back, the better our Plan will be. Also, it may be necessary to prove to granting bodies that a project is needed by the community.  This is why this questionaire is important.   

What Happens Next

Thank you very much for taking the time to comment on this consultation. 

The results will be analysed by the Planning group and presented at a FREE coffee morning to be held at the KO Church Institiute on April 1st.  All KO Parish residents welcome. 

Here the Parish will get the opportunity to discuss the results and to have your final say on which priorities we take forward.  The Community Plan will be published in the second half of 2017.   




  • Kirkoswald Ward


  • General public
  • Stakeholder organisations
  • All residents


  • Local Plans