Questionnaire for Beaumont Parish Plan

Closed 30 Nov 2020

Opened 30 Aug 2020


Our old Parish plan ran from 2013-2018 and so the time has come to renew it.

A Parish Plan is a community-led plan with the following purposes:

  • To set out a vision of what is important to the community
  • To find out how to safeguard valued local features for the future
  • To identify key facilities and services
  • To set out any problems that need to be tackled
  • To demonstrate how distinctive character and features within the parish can be preserved.

Why your views matter

A Parish Plan helps us, as a community, to shape the future of our parish and to influence both City and County Council decisions in relation to its development.

It can also be used to influence a wide range of organisations that provide services and funding to rural communities.

By completing the questionnaire, you will be making sure that your opinions are known and have the opportunityto have the opportunity to influence the way our parish develops over the next five years.

What happens next

The answers and comments from each question will be analysed and used to produce a draft of the new Parish Plan with a summary of the feedback.

This draft will be available to view and for you to comment on at a Parish Meeting to be notified in the Parish Magazine. It will then be revised as necessary and agreed.

A new Action Plan will be created to instruct and inform the Parish Council and other community groups as to the actions needed to further the items in the Parish Plan.

The Plan and Action Plan will be shared with the City and County Councils, and any organisations identified in the delivery of the action plan, for their comment prior to publication.


  • Burgh Ward


  • All residents


  • Consultation