Questionnaire for Beaumont Parish Plan

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Closes 30 Nov 2020


1. What do you like best about living in Beaumont Parish?
2. Is there anything that you dislike about the Parish?
3. We have 4 community buildings within the parish: Methodist Chapel at Monkhill, Grinsdale Village Hall, Beaumont Parish Hall, St Mary's Church at Beaumont. Do you use any of the community buildings in the Parish and if so, which?
4. How would you like to see the community buildings used?
5. Do you think that the community buildings could be better integrated into community life and if so how?
6. Do we need more places/routes to walk within the Parish?
7a. Do you consider it important that the network of footpaths and public areas be well maintained?
7b. Should maintenance of footpaths and public areas be funded through the Parish precept (local element of Council Tax)?
8a. Do you regularly support /attend any of the social opportunities that are advertised in the monthly Parish News and on the Parish Council website?
8b. If not, why not?
8c. Can you suggest additional events/activity groups which you would support?
9. What, if any, building development would you like to see in the Parish?
10. Are you aware of the new regulations regarding septic tanks and how this may affect your property?
11. Do you use the local bus service?
12. Are you happy with the refuse and recycling services provided by Carlisle City Council?
13. What services or facilities for young people would you or your family like to have in the parish?
14. What services do you feel are lacking in the parish?
15. Do you or your family use the play area at the Parish Hall? If so, how could it be improved?
16. What current environmental issues in the parish are you concerned about? (eg size of hedges, verges, flooding etc)
16b. Do you think that Beaumont Parish could be more environmentally friendly? If yes, how do you think that this could be achieved?
17. Are you aware of the problem of riverbank erosion?
18. What, if any, environmental projects or improvements would you like to see in the Parish in the future? (eg renewable energy sources)
19. What do you think about the level of tourism in the parish?
20. Are there any tourism projects that you feel should be encouraged/discouraged?
21. Do you feel that our road system is adequate for the traffic using it? If not, why not?
22. Some parishioners have expressed concern about road safety and maintenance in the parish. Are there any areas that you feel need special consideration?
23. How could we promote sustainable/low carbon transport?
24a. Given how stretched the police force are, how safe do you feel in the parish?
24b. What would make you feel safer?
25. Is there anything in or about the parish that holds you back economically?
26. How can we assist parishioners with business start-ups or self-employment?
27. Some parishioners have expressed an interest in having a local cafe /farm shop or craft workshops. Do you think that this is a good idea and, if so, do you have any ideas about how we could make it happen?
28. In order to help us analyse the responses, we would be grateful if one person per household could complete this section. Please highlight the gender and ages of all people in your household
29. If you would like to be entered into the prize draw, please could you provide us with your name and contact details?