Silloth Green BMX Track Consultation June2012

Closed 5 Jul 2012

Opened 21 Jun 2012

Feedback updated 9 Dec 2013

We asked

What the public thought about building a BMX Track on Silloth Green

You said

A resounding 'yes'

We did

Build it. Formal opening 14th December 2013/

Results updated 1 Feb 2017

There were 54 responses to the online consultation. All were analysed and included in a final report along with feedback gathered offline by other methods. Heritage Lottery examined the report and agreed to fund the BMX Track Build. The track is now completed and will be opened on Sunday 14th December 2014.



A few years ago, some young BMX bikers in Silloth made their own dirt jumps in the pines on the Green. However, after HLF funding was received and work to redevelop the Green began, it wasn't possible to use the dirt track. Since then, backed by their parents and others in the Community, the BMX bikers have campaigned for funding to build their own track on the Green. They have raised £550 in donations from local people to help them achieve their goal. Some youngsters have visited other tracks to see what works best. Advice has been sought from an expert who has already helped to build BMX tracks. The young people have also made presentation to the Town Council and have outlined their ideas at an open consultation event in the Community Hall. Everyone consulted so far has backed their idea. This online consultation is the final phase of the engagement exercise. 

Why your views matter

The results of this consultation with young people will be combined with other feedback and sent to HLF in the hope they will release the funding to begin building the BMX Track in the Pines area of the Green.

What happens next

The outcome of the consultation will be posted in this database and also publicised locally in the Buzz and other newspapers.


  • Silloth Ward


  • Children and young people


  • Parks and open spaces