Upper Eden Youth Survey - UECP Refresh 2018

Closed 1 Jul 2018

Opened 1 Jun 2018


Please share your views and aspirations for the future of Upper Eden, and help influence change in your local community.

The information gathered from this survey will be used in the work to create an updated community plan, that will aim to help meet the needs of the people who live and work here now and in the future.

Do you know about the Upper Eden Community Plan?

The first Upper Eden Community Plan brought together the views and priorities of residents and businesses in 2008 and set an action plan for projects and initiatives to achieve the aspirations of the local community.

What did the 2008 Upper Eden Community Plan achieve?

A visitors centre, neighbourhood plan, renewable energy schemes, community website, annual events and festivals, a new play area, local walks, and new footpaths to name but a few.

Copies of the 2008 Upper Eden Community Plan and details of the refresh work can be found at:


Hard copies of the 2008 Upper Eden Community Plan are also available to view at Kirkby Stephen Local Links.

If you are unable to access a copy online or via the Local Links, please contact the Project Officer on: 017683 89132.


Why We Are Consulting

We would like to gain a better understanding of what life is like for young people in Upper Eden and to include their views, concerns and aspirations in the refresh of the Upper Eden Community Plan.

How to complete the questionnaire:

The questionnaire is organised into different sections: general information and the following four main themes: Environment, Economy, Social and Community, Transport and Accessibility.

Each sections has a range of questions that will help us understand more about the issues and aspiration of young people, what is important to them and changes that need to be made to create new opportunities for young people in the future.

How long does is take to complete?

The questionnaire has been kept short and should only take you about 10 minutes.

Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey, the views of young people from Upper Eden are really important to us.

On behalf of The Upper Eden Community Plan Steering Group Members


What Happens Next

What Happens Next

The results from youth survey will be included in the work to refresh the aims and objectives of the 2008 Upper Eden Community Plan, and to identify local priorities and actions in a new refreshed plan.

A review booklet detailing the achievements of the 2008 Upper Eden Community Plan, the outcome of the surveys and information about the work to refresh the 2008 plan will be available from August 2018.

Contact and information:

For enquiries or help with completing please contact: 

Kellie Bradburn-Sims, UECP Project Officer

on: 017683 89132 or email: upperedencic@gmail.com



  • Brough Ward
  • Kirkby Stephen Ward
  • Ravenstonedale Ward
  • Warcop Ward


  • Children and young people
  • People with disabilities
  • People with learning difficulties
  • Students
  • Rural residents


  • Rurality
  • Tourism/Tourism Networks
  • Jobs
  • Parks and open spaces
  • Arts and Culture
  • Children and Young People
  • Parks and Open Spaces
  • Policing
  • Community Safety
  • Primary schools
  • Secondary schools
  • Sixth form/FE colleges