BT Payphone Removal Consultation 2019/20

Closed 21 Feb 2020

Opened 16 Dec 2019


BT are currently running a 60 day consultation in respect to the potential removal or ‘adoption’ of BT payphone kiosks across South Lakeland.

If you have any comments on one of the identified payphones in your local area, the Council would appreciate your input. Specifically whether you suppport the removal, would like to see it retained or are interested in adopting the kiosk.

All payphones identified and proposed for removal by BT can be seen in the related document link below. Please note that there has been a separate BT Payphone Removal Consultation very recently (ending 12th December 2019), so only the payphones in the related document and dropdown list can be commented on in this consultation.

Why We Are Consulting

Under the terms of the consultation the Council, as the planning authority, has a duty to consult with communities and submit a response to BT.

There are 15 BT payphone kiosks identified as part of the consultation. The current stance of South Lakeland District Council is that not a single one of the payphones should be removed unless; a community actively agrees to its removal or a community would like to adopt the phone box and change its use.

All responses will be analysed and included in South Lakeland District Council's final response to BT at the end of the consultation period.


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