Car parks survey 2017

Closes 4 Sep 2017

Opened 26 Jun 2017


Car parks in South Lakeland are an important service across all communities in South Lakeland, they also provide valuable income to support a wide range of council services. South Lakeland District Council (SLDC) is reviewing the car parking operation and seeking the views of those who use SLDC car parks.

Since the consultation which took place in 2011 changes were made to improve the parking experience for all users, these include a maintenance programme including resurfacing work, new ticket machines with card chip and pin/contactless payment options and flexible programming, new information boards and flexible tariffs trialled in selected car parks.

As part of our new car park review, we are looking further at how we operate our car parks and how we can make the cost of parking as fair to all as it can be. We are also considering how advances in modern technology, with cashless parking such as pay by phone and payment by credit/debit card can help improve the parking experience.

This survey gives the opportunity to comment on the current SLDC parking facilities, identify ways to improve the car parks and give views on any possible changes to the way the service is delivered.

Why We Are Consulting

The results of the survey will be reported to the Council’s Cabinet and used to help us with planning future car parking services.

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