Heron Hill adult outdoor gym equipment

Closed 4 Oct 2019

Opened 28 Aug 2019


Would you like to see this in your area?

Would you like to improve your fitness with outdoor equipment?

Beck Community Centre and your ward councillors have raised funds to develop a fitness trail in this area. We would like to create a route linking your playgrounds and green spaces with way markers and ideas for exercise.

Gym equipment


  • Kendal Castle ED
  • Kendal Castle Ward
  • Kendal Far Cross Ward
  • Kendal Fell Ward
  • Kendal Heron Hill Ward
  • Kendal Highgate ED
  • Kendal Highgate Ward
  • Kendal Kirkland Ward
  • Kendal Mintsfeet Ward
  • Kendal Nether ED
  • Kendal Nether Ward
  • Kendal Oxenholme & Natland Ward
  • Kendal Parks Ward
  • Kendal Romney Ward
  • Kendal South ED
  • Kendal Stonecross Ward
  • Kendal Strickland and Fell ED
  • Kendal Strickland Ward
  • South Lakeland


  • General public
  • Councillors / MPs / MEPs
  • Parents


  • Parks and open spaces
  • Parks and Open Spaces