Presiding Officer Survey for 4 May 2023 Elections

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Closes 7 Feb 2023


There are scheduled elections on Thursday 4 May 2023, in the polling station where you have previously worked as a Presiding Officer. 

As they are parish council elections only, we are expecting most to be uncontested and we will only need a small number of Presiding Officers. We will only find this out on 4 April 2023, a month before polling day.

We are looking to provisionally recruit a smaller number of Presiding Officers, and will prioritise ones who are able to commit to being flexible about which polling station they work in. We will not be asking for you to travel unreasonable distances, but looking for a good geographical spread of people who can be appointed at short notice. There is more information about the areas with elections in this survey.

We appreciate this is not ideal for you not knowing whether or where you’ll be working. If you decide you do not want to work this year then this will not prejudice you in terms of being considered for elections in 2024. We would always try to put people in polling stations where they have experience of working before. 

There will be a number of changes to the process of voting in person at a polling station (including a new requirement for voters to produce a photographic identity document) and we must draw them to your attention before you can confirm if you are able to work or not. 

There will be no changes to polling hours, which remain 7am to 10pm. 

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3. Which polling station(s) have you previously worked in?