Quality of Life Survey 2017

Closed 7 Jul 2017

Opened 2 Jun 2017

Results Updated 10 Oct 2017

The target population for the survey was the adult (18+) population of South Lakeland. A random stratified sample was drawn from the Postcode Address File (PAF), and the postal survey was sent to 4,200 households on 2 June 2017.
A reminder survey was sent on 21 June, with a final closing date of the 7 July 2017. Recipients of the survey were also invited to complete an online version of the survey instead of the paper version if they preferred. 42 residents completed the survey online.
In total, 1,376 responses were returned, giving an overall response rate of 33%.
A significant update to the questionnaire was undertaken for the 2017 survey, a number of questions and sections were removed, the wording of some questions were changed with a marked increased coverage of service areas, and two new sections on contacting the council and online services were added. It is noted in the results reports where there is a change of wording and/or a new question or answer option has been added.
The Summary Report - contains high level results and includes breakdown by Local Area Partnerships and some narrative of trends with previous surveys where the change is statistically significant (5 % and over)

The Full Results Report -  is more useful for service data and trends, it contains the same information as the summary report, plus:

  • Full background and methodology
  • Benchmarking with previous years in narrative and trend over time charts
  • Full demographic data
  • Any significant variations in results by demographic groups are noted in the narrative
  • Full technical explanations appendices 2 technical details and 3 calculation of key indicators.
  • Full responses to open comment questions

Comparisons to the 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 Quality of Life surveys are included throughout the Full Results Report. Where there is a statistically significant difference between the results this is noted in the text.




To help make sure the decisions we make are right for South Lakeland, a survey was carried out so we can be certain that we are dealing with the issues that matter to you.

The questionnaire asked the public for their opinions on aspects of the quality of life in their local area, public services, housing, contacting the Council, using online services, the local economy, culture and wellbeing to see how well South Lakeland District Council is doing at delivering services and to help us decide what changes to make in the future. Responses will also monitor and assess how well we are performing.


  • Ambleside & Grasmere Ward
  • Arnside & Beetham Ward
  • Broughton Ward
  • Burneside Ward
  • Burton & Holme Ward
  • Cartmel & Grange West Ward
  • Coniston & Crake Valley Ward
  • Crooklands Ward
  • Grange North Ward
  • Grange South Ward
  • Hawkshead Ward
  • Holker Ward
  • Kendal Castle Ward
  • Kendal Far Cross Ward
  • Kendal Fell Ward
  • Kendal Heron Hill Ward
  • Kendal Highgate Ward
  • Kendal Kirkland Ward
  • Kendal Mintsfeet Ward
  • Kendal Nether Ward
  • Kendal Oxenholme & Natland Ward
  • Kendal Parks Ward
  • Kendal Romney Ward
  • Kendal Stonecross Ward
  • Kendal Strickland Ward
  • Kendal Underley Ward
  • Levens Ward
  • Low Furness Ward
  • Lyth Valley Ward
  • Mid Furness Ward
  • Milnthorpe Ward
  • Sedbergh and Kirkby Lonsdale Ward
  • South Lakeland
  • Staveley-in-Cartmel Ward
  • Staveley-in-Westmorland Ward
  • Ulverston Central Ward
  • Ulverston East Ward
  • Ulverston North Ward
  • Ulverston South Ward
  • Ulverston Town Ward
  • Ulverston West Ward
  • Whinfell Ward
  • Windermere Applethwaite & Troutbeck Ward
  • Windermere Applethwaite and Troutbeck Ward
  • Windermere Bowness North Ward
  • Windermere Bowness South Ward
  • Windermere Town Ward


  • General public
  • All residents


  • General interest