South Lakeland Local Plan Review - Issues and Options Consultation 2021

Closes 29 Oct 2021

Vision, Objectives and Priorities (Questions 1 to 3)

Please read our chapter on our Vision, Objectives and Priorities in the Issues and Options report below.

It sets our vision for South Lakeland and presents some objectives for the Local Plan which will help us achieve the vision.

Once you've read the chapter please answer the questions below.

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1. Do you agree with the vision for South Lakeland by 2040?

Read the draft Vision here

South Lakeland is the best place to live, work and explore

South Lakeland is at the centre of a Morecambe Bay Economic Region at the cutting edge of delivering sustainable economic growth in the North of England with homes, high value jobs, world class knowledge and exceptional quality of life.

South Lakeland has a balanced community housing a growing working age population and providing the best possible quality of life for all age groups

South Lakeland is a fairer district where everyone has access to the same opportunities, life chances and potential to lead safe, healthy, happy and fulfilled lives

South Lakeland is a more beautiful, quieter and cleaner district leading the way to Net Zero with more comfortable, warmer and safer homes, cleaner air and water, more wildlife, more trees and more jobs in a thriving sustainable economy and an environmental quality and quality of life that is recognised as the best in England.

2. Do you agree with the proposed objectives for the Local Plan Review?

Read the proposed objectives here

Objective 1: To ensure that new development plays its part in achieving a Carbon Neutral Cumbria by 2037 and that environments and communities are adaptable and resilient to climate change

Objective 2: To ensure that development is sustainable – in being sited in locations where people can access jobs and services, and in delivering wider social and economic outcomes within the district’s environmental limits

Objective 3: To ensure that our market towns and their centres in particular are places for cultural and economic activity where people interact and access local services; and to ensure the viability and sustainability of our communities in our villages and countryside, in ways which protect the district’s local built heritage, character and identity.

Objective 4: To ensure new development and open spaces support the health and wellbeing of communities and encourage active and healthy lifestyles

Objective 5: To deliver housing to meet current and future needs, including affordable housing, of a quality, type and size which meets a range of needs over people’s lifetime

Objective 6: To support economic growth in ways which are compatible with environmental objectives, promote a greener economy, revitalise town centres and deliver increased prosperity for the whole community, including good quality and better paid jobs. 

Objective 7: To ensure development is supported by essential infrastructure and services and promotes safe movement and more sustainable modes of travel by enhancing greener travel networks for walking, cycling and public transport

Objective 8: To protect and enhance the district’s varied and high quality environment, including through quality design: including its natural landscapes, green infrastructure and biodiversity, as well as its rich historic built environment and cultural assets.

3. How can we make sure the priorities in the Plan do not undermine the viability of development? If all policy requirements taken together would make development unviable, which requirements do you think should be given lower priority?