South Lakeland Local Plan Review - Issues and Options Consultation 2021

Closes 29 Oct 2021

Easy Read Summary

This page of the online survey provides an introduction to our Issues and Options document, for people who are new to the Local Plan or are short on time. It provides a summary of the issues covered in the main report by displaying some of the exhibition boards from our virtual consultation room. You can visit the consultation room by clicking here (this will open in a new browser window).

Your browser does not support inline PDF viewing. Please download the PDF.

To view the above PDF in full screen, click >> at the top right of the window and select 'Presentation Mode'.

If you would like to read about the issues and options in more detail please visit the other survey pages where you can read the full chapters of our Issues and Options report and answer the detailed questions on the options we have presented.

If you do not wish to read our full report and visit the other survey pages, you can share your thoughts on the summary below.


To what extent to you agree with the issues and options we've outlined? Do you have any other suggestions or comments that you'd like us to consider as we prepare our draft Local plan?