South Lakeland Local Plan Review - Issues and Options Consultation 2021

Closes 29 Oct 2021

Theme 4: Healthy People and Communities (Questions 103 to 112)

Please read our chapter on healthy people and communities  in the Issues and Options report below.

It sets out a range of issues for us to address and presents some policy options and possible approaches.

Once you've read the chapter please answer the questions below.

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103. Which of these policy approaches to promoting healthy places do you support and why?

Policy Approaches 4.1: Promoting Healthy Places

Read the policy approaches here

PA4.1/a: Develop a policy that embeds principles of supporting health and wellbeing, and requires new developments to demonstrate how these are being incorporated.

PA4.1/b: Explore whether it would be appropriate to require Health Impact Assessments depending on the scale and type of proposal.

104. What triggers should be applied and set out within policy for when a Health Impact Assessment is required (for example the threshold of numbers of houses in a scheme)?
105. Which of these policy approaches to air quality do you support and why?

Policy Approaches 4.2: Air Quality

Read the policy approaches here

PA4.2/a: Retain current policy (DM7) and amend/update as necessary.

PA4.2/b: Consider the option of setting local air pollution targets that are stricter than the national legal limit.

106. Which of these policy approaches to pollution and contamination do you support and why?

Policy Approaches 4.3: Pollution and Contamination

Read the policy approaches here

PA4.3/a: Retain current Policy (DM7) and update/amend as necessary for example introducing specific requirements within schemes to offset any potential impacts for all forms of pollution.

PA4.3/b: Consider adopting additional local guidance.

107. Do you have thoughts on the general types of community facilities that should be protected for community use (for example village halls, leisure facilities and schools)?
108. Do you support this policy approach to Community and Social Facilities and Services?

Policy Approach 4.4: Community and Social Facilities and Services

Read the policy approach here

PA4.4/a: Retain current Policy (DM17) that safeguard the most valued community facilities and supports proposals which do this, and update or amend as necessary.

109. Which of these policy approaches to reviewing local planning policy and guidance on the delivery of Green Infrastructure do you support and why?

Policy Approaches 4.5: Green and Blue Infrastructure, Open Space and Recreation

Read the policy approaches here

PA4.5/a: Undertake an Open Spaces Study, Playing Pitch Strategy and Green Infrastructure Strategy to inform the review of Core Strategy Policy CS8.1 and Development Management Policies DPD Policy DM4 and to provide evidence to determine clear requirements as to the amount and type of open space and other green infrastructure required from new development and how it should contribute to creating a wider green infrastructure network.

PA4.5/b: Consider preparing a Supplementary Planning Document to provide more detailed guidance and clarity on implementing planning policy for open space and green infrastructure, including requirements for ongoing management and maintenance.

PA4.5/c: Designate areas of land as Local Green Space where they meet the criteria set out within paragraph 100 of the NPPF.

PA4.5/d: Update current policy, that sets out the circumstances where loss of open space may be allowed.

PA4.5/e: Retain policy that supports and encourages high quality networks of green infrastructure to meet existing and future needs taking account of other objectives around addressing climate change and enhancing biodiversity value. 

PA4.5/f: Identify and protect a green infrastructure network comprising a range of open spaces, indicating where gaps could be plugged to improve connectivity.

110. Are the open spaces identified on the Policies Map (link below) those that need protection?

If you feel there are other open spaces which need protection and are not included, please indicate on a map what these changes should be (using the file upload facility below).

File Upload: Map of potential changes to current open spaces

Please make sure your file is under 25MB
111. Do you have any suggestions for the designation of areas of land as Local Green Space, which meet the criteria set out below?

Local Green Space criteria

“The Local Green Space designation should only be used where the green space is:
a) in reasonably close proximity to the community it serves;
b) demonstrably special to a local community and holds a particular local significance, for example because of its beauty, historic significance, recreational value (including as a playing field), tranquillity or richness of its wildlife; and
c) local in character and is not an extensive tract of land.”

112. Do you have any comments on how we can create a network of green infrastructure, plugging gaps in provision and enhance connectivity (for example through improving pedestrian and cycle access)?