South Lakeland Local Plan Review - Issues and Options Consultation 2021

Closes 29 Oct 2021

Theme 8: Enhancing the Natural and Built Environment (Questions 142 to 148)

Please read our chapter on enhancing the natural and built environment in the Issues and Options report below.

It sets out a range of issues for us to address and presents some policy options and possible approaches.

Once you've read the chapter please answer the questions below.

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142. Which of these policy approaches to reviewing local plan policy and guidance on the protection and enhancement of nationally designated landscapes and their setting do you support and why?

Policy Approaches 8.1: Nationally Designated Landscapes – National Parks and Arnside and Silverdale AONB

Read the policy approaches here

PA8.1/a: Review and update Core Strategy Policy CS8.2 and Development Management DPD Policy DM1, to reflect any changes to national policy, in requiring new development to strongly protect, conserve and enhance the National Parks, Arnside Silverdale AONB and their settings. 

PA8.1/b: In preparing a Local Design Guide as a Supplementary Planning Document, include robust guidance to ensure that development within the settings of the National Parks and AONBs is sensitively located and designed so as to avoid adverse impacts on these designated landscapes.

143. Which of these policy approaches to enhancing nature conservation and delivering biodiversity net gain do you support and why?

Policy Approaches 8.2: Protecting and Enhancing Nature Conservation Assets and Delivering Biodiversity Net Gain 

Read the policy approaches here

PA8.2/a: Review and update existing Local Plan policies to take full account of national planning policy and guidance, and the Environment Bill, including a clear statement of the mitigation hierarchy; the requirement for 10% net gain in biodiversity; and support for the emerging Local Nature Recovery Strategy for Cumbria as it relates to requirements from new development. 

PA8.2/b: Consider preparation of a Supplementary Planning Document, ideally with other neighbouring planning authorities, to provide detailed guidance on the implementation of nature conservation policies, in particular the requirement for 10% biodiversity net gain, the implementation of the DEFRA Metric and how to take account of the Local Nature Recovery Strategy in implementing planning policy. 

144. Should the Council seek a higher percentage than 10% of net gain in biodiversity? Are you aware of any sites or land that may be available for habitat creation/restoration to support the implementation of this requirement?
145. Which of these policy approaches to reviewing local plan policy on coastal protection and development do you support and why?

Policy Approaches 8.3: Coastal Development and Protection

Read the policy approaches here

PA8.3/a: Update current Local Plan policies on coastal development and protection to take account of latest proposals, policies and information, including the draft North West Marine Plan, North West Shoreline Management Plan, draft Cumbria Coastal Strategy and the England Coast path.

PA8.3/b: Take account of the plans and strategies listed above and the views of communities and bodies including Cumbria County Council as Local Lead Flood Authority and the Environment Agency to determine if any part of South Lakeland’s coastline merits designation as a Coastal Change Management Area.

146. Have you any suggestions for areas which may merit designation as a Coastal Change Management Area? Please identify these and give your reasons
147. Which of these policy approaches to the historic and cultural environment do you support and why?

Policy Approaches 8.4: Historic and Cultural Environment

Read the policy approaches here

PA8.4/a: To refresh and update local policy further in line with the NPPF including a strategic policy for the conservation and enhancement of the built and historic environment

PA8.4/b: To resource the updating of the historic environment evidence base including conservation area management plans and appraisals, and identified assets of local historic importance.

PA8.4/c: To consider the wider use of Article 4 Directions (which can be used to remove some development rights) to help control the erosion of an area’s heritage and character

148. Which of these policy approaches to achieving high quality design do you support and why?

Policy Approaches 8.5: Achieving Quality Design

Read the policy aprroaches here

District Wide:

PA8.5/a: Consolidate and enhance existing policies on design to incorporate concerns and suggestions from early engagement listed in paragraph 

PA8.5/b: Prepare a district-wide Design Guide or Design Code as a Supplementary  Planning Document

PA8.5/c: Revise the Shop Fronts Design Guide

Site Specific:

PA8.5/d: Prepare site Development Briefs

PA8.5/e: Prepare ‘mini briefs’ within the revised Local Plan

PA8.5/f: Prepare a detailed masterplan for larger sites.

District Wide

Site Specific